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Terrible update

I liked the app before the update. There are sooo many glitches... when I put in to pick up a shift it within certain hours it will give me a shift that it outside of what I requested. And when I request off a day and mark all day it requests off 24 hours from the time that it starts. I still have to use it for my job so I will but most of us have switched to using Facebook to get coverage or find a shift to pick up because it is way easier. Need a new update ASAP to fix the bugs!

I’m a fan of the update

I’ve had the app for 3 years. I feel like in 2018 it shouldn’t of taken that long to get a decent up to date app. But alas we finally got a new updated version. Not to shabby. Still wish it was a bit more modernized.


The old update was much better then this one. This new update is terrible I used to be able to see who and what managers are working during a shift. Now it hides everything the days are confusing it’s above the actual date.

Not User Friendly

The new layout of the app had me misreading my schedule twice now. You have no idea who’s working with you on your shift so you don’t know who you can ask to cover for you. Navigating this design is an absolute mess. Very disappointed my company decided to go with this instead of HotSchedules


Was great for first year now I can't even log on to get my schedule

New update

This new up date is horrible. It’s not user friendly and it hard to see what day you are working.

Much Bettery

It is obvious that they talked to people before they made the new version. The old version was kind of weak. New version does all of the things I would want it to do. I think they need couple of tweaks and they will move from good to really good.


The new version is not even showing me the correct schedule. The older version at least did so. Not worth my money if app isn’t fixed quickly.

What happened?

The old app functioned ok for daily scheduling. Now finding who is working for today is beyond confusing and in non chronological order? Please fix this it totally messed it up to the point if un useable

Update isn’t good

Good app. Does a lot, but the update took away one of the its best uses and that was being able to see who is working on your shifts. Please change back.


Why would you change it so the calendar is organized by names in alphabetical order instead of by position and time ? It makes the layout so confusing and it’s not helpful at all.

Nice improvement!

Launch of new app was a bit rocky but overall it’s a nice upgrade.

Needs an update

Been using this app for 3yrs never an update. For me it works fine, could work better

Doesn’t work

Wish I would have read the reviews before I spent my money!!! Tried to change my availability and of course I couldn’t! I wasn’t able to save anything.... completely annoying

Worst App EVER 🤬

This app messes up a lot. I can see my work schedule on-line but not on the app anymore. There is nobody to contact to help resolve these issues. WASTE OF 💰 ... I NEED A REFUND ASAP !!! 🤢🤮🤦‍♂️

For a price you can have an app that doesn't work

It doesn't properly upload my schedule to my calendar automatically. It says it is a feature but i either doesn't happen or will only upload some of the schedule. I can't believe my employer made me pay three dollars to use this app because it doesn't even work. The interface is old looking and buggy. Bugs everywhere. Buggiest app I've ever used. I never write reviews but I was so disappointed that I had to vote this app down because they shouldn't get away with this. This should not be worth three dollars.

This app is the worst

Worst scheduling app I’ve ever used. Half the time the app doesn’t even sync up with the online schedule so when I try to pick up or release a shift my manager doesn’t even get notified. So we end up having to manually do everything through the computer anyway. Which annoys my manager because I can’t just “do it through stafflinq” 🙄 TRUST ME. I WISH I COULD. 🙄🙄 there’s no way to send out a mass message to all servers, like a “hey I can’t work Thursday.. could anyone work for me?” Unless I want to go through and individually message everyone. This isn’t even the beginning of my list of complaints for this app. I’m also curious as to who owns this app because I’ve heard it’s somebody that also partners with Metro Diner.. and I just expect more out of them. We make all these changes and I can’t wait to see a Metro Times with the header “We No Longer Use Stafflinq!!” because this is pathetic. Get it together.


App keeps crashing. Shift requests and other features keep malfunctioning. I paid for an app that doesn’t work, when I could go online to use the site that barely works for free...

App isn’t working

It needs to be updated ASAP. Very inconvenient.

Want money back

Doesn’t work at all like the website and costs 3$ for it to just say “try again later” when I try to view my schedule. Want a refund.

This app is trash.

This app is an example of a company that has no commitment to quality. It's NOT worth any amount of money.

Low quality

I paid $3 for an app that never has my schedule available


This app is not worth your money, time or energy. It works about once a month and doesn't let you message coworkers on it. I'm not really sure what it's good for.

Can't contact support

I didn't want to use the review area for support issues but can't contact support from the app or from here. The app will not let me request shifts, won't show if someone has requested to pick mine up. Rarely notifies me if anything.

Not the same

The app is ok to check schedule, but isn't like the website at all. Much prefer looking and using web vs the app. Doesn't update schedule to phone automatically like it says. Needs an update!!!

StaffLinq App

This app used to work. It would send notifications about available shifts, picked up shifts, removed shifts, etc. but since the update it doesn't notify you. Isn't work the 2.00 $ spent. Use the webpage. It's much more efficient.

Worst App Ever!

I had gotten a job while at school and they told us about this app for our schedules. It was working at first, and now it doesn't work. For example, when I log-on to the app, I press the option to view my schedule and it says null* ..what is that? Keep in mind that I paid $2.00 for this, and it doesn't work and is the worst app I've ever used.


Half the time it won't show my schedule and just says "No Shifts" when I know I have shifts. I've emailed tech support 3 times and they have yet to respond or fix the issue. It's been a week now.


It was working completely fine and then one day it stopped. When I emailed them to get it fixed I was told to create a new account or wait for an update. It hasn't been working for a week and there is no progress being made.

Offers less than the website

Why pay $2.99 for less than what is offered on the mobile website? Waste of time and money. Unable to see what position each employee is scheduled under on "staff schedule" in app. Wish I could have a refund. Never opening again.


It's really inconvenient I paid 3 dollars for an app that doesn't show me my shifts half of the time.


This app is butthole

Awful waste of money

On paper, great. In practical use, pointless. Cannot switch shifts, will not sync to my calendar!!


This app is absolutely terrible. Doesn't work for its basic function trading shifts. Cannot see available shifts through the app when you're looking to pick up hours. Spent $2.99 because the company I work for switched to this scheduling program and I wish I hadn't bought it.

Not worth 3 dollars

The only convenient thing about this app is that I don't have to sign in every time. Everything else is worse than the actual website. It won't let me request shifts. The staff schedule has no details or order to it. I end up signing into the website because it's ease of use and everything works.

Makes me mad.

The fact that we have to pay $3 to see our schedule is very upsetting to me. This is a clunky, poorly built app. The most annoying part is that it gives the numerical date without saying "Thursday" or "Sunday" So I know I work two weeks away on the 28th, but then I need to check a calendar to see what day of the week it is. I hate this app almost as much as I hate the company who makes me check my schedule on it!


I will have no problem giving this app a solid 5 stars once all the bugs are fixed. I have been with the company for a while now and I have been waiting for an app. This app has everything it needs to be successful, I just hope it is in the near future.


It is cool that they finally have an app for it but it should definitely be free, it's not that great of an app. The app itself is very slow and how things are displayed is kind of junky; I don't know if that's just because it's an initial start up app and it doesn't have a lot of perks yet or what but hopefully they upgrade it soon and fix more of the bugs.

Helpful but...

About time there is an app for this as it would make everything easier. But why am I pay three dollars to see my schedule? Like I can just log in online and see it for free. Happy there's an app now but very upset there is a $3 charge attached to it.

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